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Avalanche Mountain

To the rescue... the children climb to the top of the mountain to help the skiers into the waiting helicopter, then down the mountain they come, through snowdrifts, trees and more. There's even a St. Bernard dog to help. Travel-through fun for the kids. 20'Lx20'Wx16'H/req. 20amps

Batting Cage
Batting Cage

It’s okay to swing away. Fully netted, professional style batting cage and high-capacity pitching machine. Pitch speed is fully adjustable to accommodate all skill levels – from Babe Ruth to Dr. Ruth. Inflatable, so it sets up in minutes. Great for sports-themed parties. 50'Lx15'Wx18'H/req. 20amp & 10amp


Big Shot Basketball
Big Shot Basketball

This OVERSIZE game automatically attacks everyone to play. Work on your jump shot with a “JUMBO” twist as participants try to score an oversized basketball into an extra large goal. Play one-on-one or recruit your friends and co-workers for a little half court action. Team building with this wild and wacky game is incredible and takes the individual skill out and puts the team work back in the team!

Bounce House
Bounce House

For those smaller events or kids when our Jumbo Bounce is too big! 15’ x 15’ Bounce House that can hold approximately 6 small children at a time compared to the Jumbo Bounce at 8-10 small children at one time. Just as much fun at a smaller size and price! 15'Lx15'Wx12'H/req. 20amps

Bouncy Boxing
Bouncy Boxing

A pillow fight disguised as a boxing match. Contestants wear hilariously oversized foam boxing gloves and sparring helmets and square off in a 20’ by 20’ inflatable ring with a deep bouncy floor and sides. A safe, fun workout for all ages and tons of laughs for participants and spectators alike. 20'Lx20'Wx6'H/req. 20amps

Bungee Bull Ride
A safe and sane inflatable the Bungee Bull Ride is more fun because it’s interactive. Now instead of your friends standing around half-heartedly cheering you on, they’ll be gleefully working to buck you off (under professional supervision, of course). The bull is suspended by four heavy-duty bungees from a well-padded support frame. You hold onto the life-size bull’s cinch strap and your friends work the bungees to buck you off. A huge 18’ diameter inflatable safety mattress surrounds the whole set-up, and our attendants are on hand to make sure the “bull” doesn’t get too ornery. 18'Lx18'Wx18'H/req. 20amps
Bungee Run

Enjoy the exhilaration of the bungee experience ­ horizontally. Wearing harnesses attached to thick bungee cords, two participants run down 35-foot long inflatable runways, stretching the cords as far as they can before being hurled back to the starting point. Sides and floor of the runways are deep and bouncy for full protection. Each contestant places a marker on a strip to show the farthest point they reached before the inevitable slingshot effect took over. 35'L by 10'W by 7'H/req. 20amps

Cameron the Caterpillar

A travel-through, wonderfully tactile play experience for kids. Cameron is 55-feet long and 6-feet high, but he sets up and inflates in about five minutes. Kids enter through his giant inflatable teeth, push aside air-filled tubes, scramble over inflated logs, crawl through oodles of hanging noodles and finally whoosh down a slide into a soft landing pad. Parents can watch it all through windows in Cameron’s sides. 55'Lx4'Wx6'H/req. (2) 20amp plugs

Carousel Bounce

Smiles and laughter abound with this “turn of the century” tribute to the carousel. This beautifully produced inflatable bounce cleverly recreates the centuries old handcrafted tradition and detailed artwork. The Carousel Bounce is enjoyable to look at and fun to bounce in. 20' Diameter x20'H/req. 20amps

Crazy Cottage

Kids will be bouncing off the walls at your event with this spectacular 17’ by 17’ snow-covered bounce house. This winter-themed house comes with two rooms -- a main room to accommodate all kinds of bouncing, and a cozy ball crawl. It’s one of the best designed and built bounce houses we’ve found, and a sure-fire hit for any event that includes kids. 17'Lx17'Wx17'H/req. 20amps

Dome Tent

With our 50' Dome tent you will be covered. Our Dome tent is completely inflatable allowing for a speedy setup and a nice clean look. Inside our tent you will have 1960 square ft. to plan a dinner or better yet setup a stage. The acoustics in the tent are excellent. Outside Size: 50' aroundx17'6"H/Inside Size: 45' around x 13'9"H/Archway Peaks: 7'9"H/covers 1960 square feet/req. 20amps

For information, prices and details on all of our Inflatable games "CLICK HERE" we carry a full line of small to large inflatable games for both kids and adults.

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